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Designers, Builders, and Administrators of Commercial Indoor Gardening and Horticultural Facilities.

R-Quest Hydroponics offers a full range of services for constructing and maintaining indoor crop facilities. From Design to Construction and Grow to Harvest.

  • Design Services: Any size structure with scalability for future growth, any demographic location, and any climate zone. This includes an estimate of ROI and a detailed budget, a full overview of staffing requirements including security personnel and protocols, fuel options from standard to alternative *GREEN, implementation plan with timelines, and much more.
  • Construction Services: Foundation to completion in all 50 states. Full industrial buildings and greenhouses alike. Our experienced construction team can produce a finished building in as little as 60 days. This includes customized exterior security systems.
  • Mechanical Services: Electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Including all redundancy measures to ensure zero power outage experience.
  • Infrastructure: Implementation of all necessary hydroponic and/or horticultural equipment. Including media, climate control, CO2, O2, cloning processes, racks, ballasts, lighting, pest prevention, disease prevention, harvesting equipment, internal security, and much more.
  • Consumable Supplies: Lighting and Nutrients are the most important elements involved in indoor growing. Light spectrum and power, combined with the correct nutrients, adjusted properly, at the correct times in the growing process, ensures crop results reach optimum levels
  • Training and Consulting: Our staff of experienced expert growers and botanists ensure that facility staff remains in full control of the crop. We DO NOT build and run. We customize a training and maintenance plan for your organization based on an analysis of your current level of indoor crop education and knowledge. This includes on-going monitoring and emergency response when required.
  • *R-Quest Hydroponics supports the GREEN Initiative. We will happily design your facility with a carbon sensitive footprint using windmill and solar technology with generator back-up systems.

We service any and all crop facilities. Including: licensed medical cannabis, flowers, tomatoes, etc.

Please contact Jim Filkins, VP of Sales, R-Quest Hydroponics, directly to discuss your project and obtain a quote. (651) 785-6403