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Why spend needless time and energy with constant manual management of your grow room when you can have
a very intelligent and dependable personal assistant hanging on your wall or grow rack? The EMC-5000
Environmental Master Controller was developed so you can rest.. .and rest easy with the confidence that your
crop is in excellent hands.

Five growing subsystems are brought together and controlled by the EMC-5000 (Two banks of Lights, Fans,
Nutrient pumps and C02 level control). Each can be individually programmed using synchronized digital timers
allowing for muHiple events per day. Every function of each subsystem is user configurable, including timer
events, text and email notifications, and emergency shutdown parameters. Each subsystem contains its own
independent circuit breaker for maximum protection and solid state relays for maximum reliability. Wiring is greatly
simplified with everything running via a single 220V appliance plug.

The American Green Jurassic Oxygenation System

Science tells us that during the prehistoric times, animal and plant life were very large as indicated by fossil remains.
During this time, the atmospheric oxygen levels were around 30 to 50 percent higher than levels seen today. The higher the concentration of oxygen in the air, the greater the attraction of the oxygen to the water.


Together with the EMC 5000, your Hydropnic Crops will grow to the next level!!

The EMC-5000 monitors many functions and alerts you if there is a problem (via test or email with the Ethernet Subsystem(
option). It knows if a relay fails or breaker trips. It also monitors light fans, pump flow or tank levels, and room temperature as
well as intruder status. It can also
optionally monitor RH levels and
monitor and or control CO2 levels.

CO2 Level control via timed release is a
standard feature. For more precise CO2
control, an optional CO2 level sensor can be added when needed.